A Good Day at Trapping

I volunteer for Forgotten Felines, an organization helping the feral and community cats of Sonoma County. I have been a trapper for the past four years helping effectuate TNR, the system of trap, neuter, return. A clinic is held every Wednesday so I go out on Tuesday to different clients who have alerted us to feral colonies. It is a game of patience and many techniques to outsmart the cats and entice them into the traps. If successful and many outings are not successful, the captured cats are taken into the clinic early the next morning to receive a health check for any injuries or illnesses, treatment for fleas, ear mites and worms, microchipping and spaying and neutering. They are monitored throughout the day and picked up later spending overnight with the trapper who will continue to monitor them. The following morning the cats are returned to the area they were trapped, their home, and are released. This is the essence of TNR.

This week I was able to trap an adult and a kitten. The adult turned out to be a friendly female and was microchipped. We learned that her owners had been evicted from their apartment three weeks earlier and had abandoned their cat. Her name is Miso. We are searching for a rescue to take her where she will be adopted. She as all of them so richly deserves this. I’m hopeful for Miso. The outcome for her could have been a very poor one. The kitten, a 6-week old light gray tabby female, was assessed for several days as to her potential for adoption. She quickly relaxed and was taken into our foster program. The foster parents will work to socialize her for a month or two and then she will be brought into the clinic to be spayed and microchipped. At that point she will go into our adoption center. Two lovely cats taken off the streets and into their forever homes.

The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.”  Mahatma Gandhi