Late Summer Thoughts

In a few weeks the kids will be going back to school. It all seemed to go so fast. The North Bay has experienced mostly temperate weather this season. However, all of California is looking forward to a robust rainy season to somehow inhibit the raging fires.

The Santa Rosa fires of October 2017 scarred the landscape and the psyche of all of us. I lived downtown at the time. We were told to prepare to evacuate. The air quality was terrible. Many left the area for cleaner air. I stayed because my cats wouldn’t do well with a temporary relocation. I kept my apartment closed with the air conditioning on and only went out for food for several weeks. During one food run, a fire truck from Southern California was in the lane next to my car. I got the attention of the firemen, gave a thumbs up, blew kisses, I couldn’t express my appreciation enough. Then I started to cry and couldn’t stop.

The fires are not threatening Sonoma County at this point but we understand the unpredictability of this powerful force of nature. We hear the grim statistics of lives lost, homes destroyed and now fully understand the long-term impact on those communities. Those who can are rushing to help. We pray for those affected and stay alert for news of any encroaching threats.